Massage for a life, better lived. Regular massage does more than just relax the body and calm the mind.
It keeps your body where it needs to be to keep you loving life.

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, deep pressure and skillful hand movements target stressed muscles, unwind tension, and relieve pain.

30 min. – $45
60 min. – $90
90 min. – $135

Relaxation Massage

Stress-relieving, medium pressure, using varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being.

30 min. – $37.50
60 min. – $75.00
90 min. – $112.50 

Lake Superior Stone Massage

Swedish massage enhanced by very warm Lake Superior stones. Stone glide over the body, warming tissues and muscle, inducing a one-of-a-kind, comforting form of relaxation. Perfect for Minnesota winters.

60 min. – $90
90 min. – $135

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